Services Provided - Compliments Received



You are my first loyalty and I extend it to your customers, realizing that without them I wouldn't have you. Below, is a list of services. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call. If I can't do what you're asking, I'll  find someone who will be able to help. Your satisfaction is the basis of our relationship. Please, contact me with your questions- Love to hear from you!

  • Long/Short Copy Sales Letters - A form of direct mail in which I can advertise your supplements or content to a potential customer. Electronic or mailed.
  • Direct-mail package - mail order - Direct response mailer which includes #10 envelope, sales letter, brochure, order device, return envelope, and may include a lift note and/or buckslip. Electronic media also. 
  • Magalog -  a promotional catalog or sales brochure designed to resemble a high-quality magazine. Great for advertising natural health products.
  • Email - autoresponders/funnels -Will write the series of emails to be sent by your autoresponder program or your sales marketing funnel.
  • Booklet - A small book with specific information on a topic. Can get into depth with diet plans and other alternative health topics.
  • Case Study - A detailed record of research usually given over a period of time regarding a specific principle or study and written for a particular business, person, or group. 
  • Article or Advertorial - An article is written content and an advertorial is an informational presentation of products or services written in  the form of editorial content. 
  • Blog Post - ​A periodic but consistent updated webpage written in conversational style.Check my blog posts below.
  • Newsletter - ​This is a periodic bulletin sent to members of your business society or organization.
  • Marketing strategy and planning - This comes with every package I do for my customers. As a stand alone service I can give you suggestions to improve your already existing marketing techniques.
  • Content Site Audit - A website audit to bring about a more cohesive language to your website. Not to be mistaken for a full site audit. 
  • Brochures, Flyers, Postcards - ​Promotional materials used for marketing your alternative health practice and for all purposes. 



 “...I am honored to have been a part of this road with Diane and Bear…”

“This booklet Effect of the Ketogenic diet on Seizure Pets, is the product of Diane's diligence and faith in the recovery for Bear. Bear surpassed all expectations by reaching 10 years of age after a diagnosis of refractory epilepsy at 7 months old.  I am honored to have been a part of this road with Diane and Bear.”

Dr. Anne Chauvet DVM DACVIM 

“...your attention to details took our ideas a step further…”

“We hired Diane to do marketing materials for our D.O.T. licensing. She paid special attention to minor details I hadn’t considered,by  crafting a 2-sided postcard for our office as well. 4D’s took our ideas and went a step further. Thank you!” — Dr. Joseph Balen DC, Sarasota, FL

“...tenacity and stick-to-itness is remarkable…”

“Tenacity. This quality [you have] is one of stick-to-it no matter adversity or profit. You maintain connection via electronic means and promptly reply when appropriate. Keeping up, even when there is no immediate or near benefit to you, is remarkable.” — Vicky Followell, Accountant

“...a natural leader…”

“You’re a natural leader and committed to whatever you set out to do.” — Darlene King, Community Volunteer

“...a vital link…”

“You continue to be a vital link in helping our company achieve satisfaction.” — Robert E. Tallon, President, FPL

“...wonderful to work with…”

“You are always a wonderful person to speak to and to work with.” — VJ Hartnet, Business Owner & Rancher

“...dedication and conviction…”

“You have a strong will, dedication, and conviction to a cause and ideas you believe in.” — Janet Persson, Owner of A Nu U Salon

“...passionate and driven…”

“You are passionate and driven to go after what you want, regardless of the obstacles. When it comes to your writing, I can’t think of another person who invests as much time and energy to be the best at their craft. And you’re great at it.” — Delanie Wallace, Account Coordinator, Ren Scott Creative 

“...bringing audience into discussion impressive. We learned a great deal…”

“Your ability to adjust the presentation and bring the audience into the discussion was impressive. We learned a great deal!” — M Peters, Manatee Commission on the Status of Women